Andrew Penny, January 24 2023

How to Win the World Cup of Business

When I hear the expression “Best in World” I typically think of sports – F1, Olympics, Football and so on. The recent World Cup in which Lionel Messi scored two goals to lead Argentina to victory is a shining example of being “Best in World’!  

The road to victory is long. Argentina had to be one of the 32 qualifiers from amongst 3,900 FIFA recognized professional teams around the world – to say nothing of the estimated 700,000 amateur teams who, incidentally, all play by the same rules as the world cup winner. 

As a buyer, you look for the best product or service to match your needs. And like the World Cup, you are not just looking in your own neighbourhood. You do your research and buy the “Best in the World” product that will provide the value you seek – no matter where in the world it comes from. And you never buy second best value. 

Let me ask you, as a seller, do you think along the same lines… is what you do “Best in World”? 

To be “Best in World” you need to be in the right game – i.e. focusing on the perfect client, and providing the best value for that client.  

For any business, being “Best in World” is not just a cute phrase. As business continues to globalize, we are all playing in the world cup of whatever industry we are in and competing with hundreds if not thousands of other companies to serve our customers. To continue to thrive you must narrow your market niche and increase your value proposition and become their ‘Best in World” solution.


Written by

Andrew Penny


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