Graham Birkenhead, August 16 2022

Of Mice and Elephants

I have worked with senior managers and executive teams who wouldn't recognise strategy if it bit them on the proverbial; conversely, I have worked with great strategic thinkers in the most unexpected places with much less responsibility.  The ability to think strategically has nothing to do with your role or seniority, although one hopes that executives and senior managers had this key skill well honed.

As members of the human species, we come preprogrammed with the ability to think strategically. Most of us are able to recognise and understand the world around us, imagine a future state, and work out how to get there. This is something we do every day - such as planning dinner or a vacation on the other side of the world. Just think for a moment about all the things you need to know or be aware of to do this.

 So, what makes a strategic thinker?  I look for 4 key indicators that will suggest someone is thinking strategically:

 Most people limit their exposure to the world through either circumstance or opportunity; some people are thrust into greater exposure (the fast track).  Those in, or aspiring to senior and executive management positions need to proactively set themselves up to release their natural ability as a strategic thinker.  The great news is that thinking more strategically can be coached; are you ready to explore that possibility or do you firmly believe this blog isn't how the world works?

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Graham Birkenhead


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