Andrew Penny, September 26 2023

Redlining in the Rockies

You are faster than you think

On my out drive to Victoria, BC and back I realized that I had a problem with my tachometer. The tachometer tells you how many times the engine rotates each minute (RPM). It’s important to keep an eye on it so that you neither make the engine go too slow - you risk straining the engine, or too fast - you risk having bits fly off it. Neither are good. 

Whilst climbing a series of steep mountains in the Bugaboos I noticed that my tachometer was approaching the 6,000 RPM ‘red line’. Needless to say, I was quite concerned.  

I was travelling with another antique MGB with the same engine and asked them what their tach was reading - about 1,000 rpm less than mine. Hmm. 

I consulted with the world’s foremost authority on MGBs, John Twist, who, after one or two questions, quickly determined my tach was defective. I had been unnecessarily cautious and, unknowingly, had lots of power left to go faster and climb even steeper hills.  

Sometimes, you need to get an objective appraisal of your abilities (vehicular, personal, corporate) to help you realize just what your capabilities are. Maybe you are stronger than you think. Maybe you can climb huge mountains and achieve bigger goals.  

Maybe we should talk.


Written by

Andrew Penny


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