Andrew Penny, October 3 2023

Clean-Green Tech Round Table

We are planning a round table specifically for Clean and Green Tech companies

Many of our early stage clients are involved in the clean tech sector. Clean and Green Tech can mean many things but essentially it includes all those companies that are working to clean up our planet. Some are carbon-centric firms that are transforming their products and their focus, some are launching new products in this sector and others are brand new companies starting with a clean sheet. 

We see an incredible amount of learning happening as these companies expand into their markets and a great deal of that learning can be extremely useful to other companies and their leaders.   

Round Tables can be an excellent way to learn from others and to accelerate your own progress which is why we are considering starting a clean tech round table. 

The ideal participant is a CEO / President / Founder who is leading their firm’s aggressive growth. They likely have: 

 Our vision for the Round Tables is a monthly virtual get together. These sessions would last about 1-1/2 to 2 hours and would follow an agenda to encourage contribution and allow time for discussions. And, depending on interest, add guest speakers to share their ideas. Membership would be limited to 8-12 people. 

If you would like to apply and/or know more about this - please let me know



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Andrew Penny


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