Intrails and Extrails

Graham Birkenhead, May 18 2021

One of my favourite movies is A Knight’s Tale. It’s its 20th anniversary, so I watched it once again to mark the occasion. Without giving too much of the plot away, there is a point in the story where Geoffrey Chaucer (yes, THE Geoffrey Chaucer) is invited to join the small protagonist group; this group had grown to know each other very well, wi...

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Leadership & Management

A Bowl of Cultural Soup

Graham Birkenhead, May 11 2021

There really is nothing quite like a good bowl of soup; warming, nutritious and tasty. The thing about soup is that there is almost an infinite variety of possibilities of what you can make – whether it is using a different combination of ingredients or a slight variation of the same ingredients. Adjustments to the cooking time or temperature, or...

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You are Becoming more Authentic...Here's Why.

Andrew Penny, April 28 2021

Jelena asked me to provide a picture of myself, in a suit, to update my LinkedIn profile. It occurred to me that I haven’t worn a suit in at least a year. Working from home and meeting people from the waist up sort of negates the whole suit idea. This “going to work” is an interesting concept that has become normal over the last year. That physica...

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Leadership & Management

For 2021, Make More Use of Your Mind

Graham Birkenhead, January 5 2021

Over the Holiday break, for a little light relief, I was simultaneously reading a couple of books: one about neuro-plasticity and another about memory. Both books about the brain; one from a physiological perspective and the other from a more psychological perspective. Both books were ultimately about learning.

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Leadership & Management

Seven Lessons from 2020

Andrew Penny, December 15 2020

First, let me tell you how grateful I am for the good fortune Kingsford has experienced during this crazy year of 2020. While many have suffered difficult times, we have been lucky to have an expanding roster of great clients who are thriving in this weird economy and are seizing the emerging opportunities.

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Creatures of Habit

Graham Birkenhead, August 11 2020

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in why people do some things and why they don't do other things. Why some people achieve a little or a lot – seemingly regardless of how big or small they think.  The nature of luck - is there such a thing or do you make your own luck? And, the roles of motivation, challenge, power and fear, cul...

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Leadership & Management

Accommodating the Non-standard Worker

Graham Birkenhead, July 28 2020

By the late 40s, the US Air Force was experiencing an unacceptable increase in the rate of air incidents and crashes.  This was the era of the introduction of jet aircraft. Apart from appearing to be pilot error, there didn't seem to be a common underlying cause.   But there was.   Back in 1926, the Air Force realised that pilots came in all differ...

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Leadership & Management

The Human Cost-Benefit of the Home Worker

Graham Birkenhead, July 14 2020

In my last post about Working from Home and the Office (WFOH), I mentioned that often people are more productive when working from home. So why is that and what can we do to help more people be more productive at home?  And could those same principles help people be more productive in the office too?

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Working from Home and the Office [WFHO]

Graham Birkenhead, July 7 2020

We are a mere 4 months into the new rapidly evolving world order, and it is nowhere near over. It will be many months (being optimistic) before the first vaccines are available, there are no effective treatments in sight, and as we learn more and more about this new disease, we realise that its physiological impact is a lot more complex than we at...

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Leadership & Management

Onboarding the Remote Worker

Graham Birkenhead, June 23 2020

Following on from Andrew’s blog last week about onboarding the remote worker – what do we need to do differently to ensure success? Well, in general terms, we have exactly the same objectives: we need to welcome the new person to the team, ensure they quickly feel that they belong and are connected to their co-workers, give them the tools and expe...

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