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Graham Birkenhead, July 14 2020

The Human Cost-Benefit of the Home Worker

In my last post about Working from Home and the Office (WFOH), I mentioned that often people are more productive when working from home. So why is that and what can we do to help more people be more productive at home?  And could those same principles help people be more productive in the office too?

There are many studies that show how some people are more productive when working at home.   This can be counterintuitive for some managers who have concerns about staff who are out of sight not putting in the hours.   In fact, many home workers not only tend to put in more hours, they tend to be better quality hours.  The challenge for our manager is actually to ensure that the home worker strikes a good balance between work and home.  

Successful home working is generally brought about by effective collaboration and communication between the manager and the employee; however, on the flip side, in the enforced home-working world of COVID, many are no longer enjoying the experience and the untended homeworker can experience high levels of stress and loneliness.

Here are 6 things for managers to be aware of when enabling their home-working staff to be highly productive:

What are your experiences of being a home worker or managing home workers?   What are you discovering about how to make it work – or things to avoid?  


Written by

Graham Birkenhead


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