Andrew Penny, December 31 2019

Two Big Take-Aways From 2019

Over the last year we have been very fortunate and thank all of those who have trusted us to help them grow their businesses.

We are working with a world leader in dam safety. They design systems that prevent millions of tons of ice and debris from shutting down power generation.

We took on a special project with Export Outaouais- an agency that helps SME's expand and had the privilege of working with 1/2 a dozen of up and coming companies in the manufacturing sector.

We have also had our mining chops exercised this year while working with one of Canada's largest founder-led engineering firms. They are developing some very cool technology and services that I can't tell you about. Yet.

We are also pleased to be continuing to work with the premier apartment developer in the country. They have taken hold of LEAN and applied it to their design and construction processes to create buildings quickly, efficiently with incredibly high and lasting quality.

Continuing in the engineering field, we are working with a rapidly growing firm that protects people's buildings. They have settled on the condominium niche and are owning it across the country.

To keep things exciting we are helping a designer and manufacturer of pyrotechnics scale up their business to an international level.

We are also working with an emerging SAAS firm in the tutoring sector. Their platform is rapidly being adopted by private tutors and institutions around the world. They are navigating through investment, structure, staffing issues and so on while working to ensure that access to knowledge is a right and not a privilege.

We have helped Sustainable Development Canada a number of times as expert business reviewers of proposals - everything from smart garbage cans to landscaping drones.

We continue to be involved with the Telfer School of Business at U Ottawa acting as guest lecturers and mentors. We learn so much more from the students than they from us!

So, here we are - 2020! How did that happen?

They say that the only constant is change - and from my perspective of 20 years in the consulting business – it’s absolutely true. But what is even 'truer' is that the actual rate of change is accelerating. So, if you thought you had to be nimble this past year - just wait till 2020. (Have you organized your company and processes to identify opportunities and adapt quickly?)

The other observation is that all business (including yours) is now 'global'. Someone somewhere is offering exactly the same product or service that you are. Are you better? What will you do if they start selling to your clients? Our advice is quite simple - and practical: Determine a niche market and hone your product / service to fit it perfectly and become the best in the world for that market. You don't have to sell it globally (of course that's not a bad idea) but if that competitor from wherever comes to town - you'll be ready.

So, what do you have planned for 2020? How will you become ‘Best in the World?

(And, will you call us if you'd like to explore these ideas....)

Our last series of blogs and podcasts focused on easy things you can do now to increase your revenue. You can find the blogs here and the podcasts here.

In January we will be starting a new series that digs a bit deeper and provides even more substantive ways to accelerate your business. We’ll be addressing new products, new markets, new pricing strategies, and evergreen clients.

Thanks for reading and listening. Comments, complaints and suggestions are always welcome!

Happy New Year, Bon année, Feliz año Nuevo, Prosit Neujahr, Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun, Antum salimoun, Godt Nytår, Bliadhna mhath ur!

Written by

Andrew Penny


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